The Silence of Water

The disappearance of a teenager is the starting point of an investigation that will bring to light the dark side of small village. With false tracks, hidden truths and secret relationships—nothing is quite like it seems.


From: Italy.
8 episodes.
The show aired in: Latin America.


In a tranquil village by the sea, where everyone knows each other, a 16-year-old girl suddenly disappears. The local police inspector, a familiar face with his fellow townsfolk, starts to investigate the girl’s disappearance. But during a sea search, the teenager’s body is found in the water and a homicide detective from the nearest town is sent to lead the investigation.

The work of the two detectives soon exposes the dark side and hidden secrets which lurk behind the respectable facade of the village people. No one is quite like they seem, and everybody appears to be involved in the case.



Episode 1


Episode 2