The Sonics

The Sonics were a prominent rock band in the ‘60s, brought to an abrupt halt when their lead singer falls into a coma after a car accident. Forty-three years later, he wakes up to a drastically different world but the same young mind. His dream remains the same — to have his band play the country’s biggest show and to get his girl back.


The show aired in: Argentina.


Sonics showcases the story of Argentinian rock from the ‘60s through its songs and the band members. “The Sonics” was one of, if not the greatest band in the ‘60s, and the lead vocalist/artist is none other than Carlos Kloster.

Kloster suffers an accident and falls into a coma. After 43 years, he wakes up and realizes his body is wrinkled, his hair is gray, and he is not as fit as he used to be. However, despite all this time, his mind is still young, and his dream of reuniting his friends and band members remains. Oh yes, and one other thing: he wants to get his old girlfriend back.

This show follows a nonlinear narrative. The storylines alternate from back in the ‘60s to today and back again, intertwining both time periods with each episode, giving a sense of unity through the years.


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