The Black Shark

A half man-half shark mutant scours the seas hunting a gang of shark-killing human traffickers.

A pulp crime story set on a fictional island on the US East Coast.


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama.


Sean Novak is the best shark hunter of Itima, a miserable fishermen’s island. He morns his father who was eaten by a shark.

On a hunt he accidentally kills the Sea Witch Lavinia’s favorite shark. Enraged, Lavinia curses Sean with the soul of every shark he has ever killed. He is doomed to transform into a shark-man every time he goes in the water – a man with shark jaws able to breathe underwater. But Sean can’t be out of the water for too long, if not, he dies like a fish.

New York City dentist Roxanne Summers goes to Itima to find her missing father, one of several people missing at sea. She doesn’t believe the stories blaming shark attacks.

She asks Sean for help but Sean declines even though he is attracted to her. He is afraid of his alter-ego in the sea; an uncontrollable killing machine.

Roxanne goes missing and her husband asks Sean for his help finding her… and Sean must overcome his fear of his curse to find Roxanne.

Sean discovers that his uncle Walrus, is harvesting innocents in the water for human trafficking. Sean also discovers that Walrus murdered his father when he found out what Walrus is doing.

To hide his identity, Sean wears a mask and a black wetsuit with a shark fin symbol on his chest, becoming… THE BLACK SHARK!