The Boat

A mysterious global cataclysm strands a group of students, teachers and crew on a “Semester at Sea” sailboat. With the entire planet seemingly covered in water, they begin to wonder if they are the only survivors left. As they explore their strange – yet strangely beautiful – new world, this group of strangers must join forces to survive, all while facing the equally daunting challenges of friendship, family and even love.


From: Spain.
43 episodes.
The show aired in: more than 30 countries including Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Portugal, Chile, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, etc. 
• Nominations at Fotogramas de Plata for Leading Male Actor and Female Actor 
• Nomination from Award of the Spanish Actors Union 
• Nominations from TP Oro, Spain 
• Awards Winner at Ondas Awards


This is a Water World meets Lost type of show.

Imagine waking up in the high seas and finding out that the coastline has disappeared.

A Swiss Particle Accelerator causes a new Big Bang, and the Earth, as we know it, disappears. The students and the crew members of the “Estrella Polar” will soon realize that their chances to abandon the boat are almost inexistent. They are alone, isolated in the middle of the ocean, and sailing with no direction, seeking answers to what happened. They are living extreme situations and experiencing new emotions with their lives on the edge.


Episode 1

Episode 2