The Box

A fight to death for the opening of a mysterious box.


GENRE: Thriller, Action.


Carmen is a Spanish woman who settles down in St. Kilda, a small and peaceful Scottish island in the Northern Sea, after the tragic loss of her husband and child. It is almost Christmas, and a huge storm is approaching the island. Most people leave on the last ferry for the holidays, and to avoid the storm. Carmen stays in the small hotel where she works together with Amelia, her boss.

A military plane is flying over the North Sea on a top-secret mission with American military, a Russian magnate, and Russian scientist on board. They are carrying a container of armored steel with a password and a computer that monitors it and keeps it at freezing temperatures. Nobody knows what is inside of the box, and only the scientists monitoring the container know how to open it, they are on strict orders to destroy the box if it becomes instable. The plane enters the storm and it falls into the sea. Dave Dupree is the only survivor. He is washed up barely alive to St. Kilda together with the box, and kidnaped by a family of very aggressive fishermen who try to make him open the box.

As soon as the box lands on the isolated island in which time seems to have stopped, mysterious things start to happen: strange deaths, thefts and atypical aggressive behavior by the locals. Madness, ambition and religious fanaticism start to take over the inhabitants of the island, and a bloody battle for the possession of the box will divide the population. Why is the small town of St. Kilda acting like this? What’s in the box? And why does it manipulate people into trying to open it?

Dave Dupree, together with Carmen and a small team of locals, will have to fight the dangerous people who will stop at nothing to open the box.


Mikel Santiago is a Spanish international bestselling writer specializing on Noire, terror, and psychological thriller, whose novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Three of his novels have remained in the list of the top 10 bestselling books in the US for weeks, its plots are have a great potential for adapting into the audiovisual format. The rights of his works are constantly considered by big producing companies, like that of celebrated director Alejandro Amenábar, who has bought the rights of one of his novels for its audiovisual adaptation.