The Gender Alert

A high profile lawyer joins a Federal task force for violence against women and trafficking of people to find and avenge her sister. “The Good Wife” becomes “Justified”.

Genre: Cop legal, procedural.


Well-bred, well-heeled Aurora Mont-Ferrer (30s), a cunning top lawyer of the powerful and rich, leaves aside her life to become a Federal agent against the violence of gender and the trafficking of people while she looks for her estranged sister. A hunter, a profiler, a highly sensual intelligent and impulsive woman, she has lived on the legal edge to get her way in court.  Coming from a family of lawyers (all men) over the last 200 years, she mastered her hard-core maneuvers the hard way – but always has the right answer, makes the right call, and can improvise unusual solutions to most problems except with her little sister, whose careless disregard for the family and the family fortune has leaded to a mystifying disappearance.

Aurora, ever charming like hell or a real bitch, is drawn into a web of governmental deceits and betrayal. The cases she deals with has this righteous attorney being willing to walk along the law’s thin line of gray. Once she is forced to team with Santi (20s), an immature macho rookie, their differences in values, attitude and perception of women and justice puts in jeopardy their lives, relationship and careers. They bring Santi face to face with his machismo while Aurora has to deal with her guilt – a secret to be unfolded once her sister’s disappearance unlocks a family Pandora’s Box.

The Gender Alert is a serialized legal cop procedural focused on women and the relationship between man and woman. Each episode has a case to solve. Each season follows a long arc case that might help or not Aurora to achieve her mission. 

The first season cases take place in Mexico City; the arc case, in Cancun. 

Violence against women goes far beyond beating up on them. Sexual harassment, domestic violence, jealousness, lack of love and indifference, a predestinated fate, sexual tourism, trafficking of persons, theft of property and financial resources, date rape, marriage rape, limits on freedom in the form of outmoded traditions, habits and customs, are some of the cases for these two contentious partners to solve.