The day will come when the only difference between a human and a machine will be a good interviewer. 

From: Chile.
4 episodes.


The year is 2032. 

After the rigid regulations on synthetic organisms and artificial intelligence, many hybrid-organism development corporations have migrated to Latin America, a region with more flexible laws. 

November 24, 12:30; NEURALIA LATAM corporate building. The CEO of the company has been found dead in unusual circumstances. Manuel Casal, an investigative police expert, interrogation advisor, and non-verbal language expert is sent to question three key witnesses. He is accompanied by the company’s liaison and bioengineer, Rebeca Novis. 

She will give the information on each of the suspects and, together, they will question witnesses, understand the motives for the crime, and expose – throughout each interrogation – the details of the company’s amazing new prototype: the OBS 8 (a synthetic biological organism with AI).