Undercover Law

Undercover Law will bring to the screen the true story of an all-women special police team. These women will infiltrate in the lives of the most dangerous criminals, risking their own lives as mothers, wives and women.

This is a format from Colombia that  aired one season with 60 episodes in more than 23 countries including Europe, Africa and LATAM.


Sandra, Amelia, and Tatiana are undercover agents. Alejandra, a mule, will make a deal with them to avoid jail time. Each of them will have a fake identity in a different setting. Amelia will be in a cocaine plantation in the Pacific jungle, Tatiana with the mafia pilots, Sandra within white-collar criminals, and Alejandra with Lerner Jr., the son of the late capo di tutti.

Each will manage to get connections within the criminal network, in which some will get their hands dirty too.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3