Video Game Club

A family composed of two cockroaches and a piece of already-chewed-gum runs a beer bar inside an abandoned videogame console. Welcome to the “VideoGame Club.” This underworld trio will be transported daily to the world of videogames and steal virtual ingredients to make their popular beers.


From: Argentina.
A 2D animated series with 2D and 3D settings. The targeted audience is 18-35-year olds.


Too-Bug is a Rastafarian cockroach with two children: Buba and Boogie.

The adventures of this family began one day when Too-Bug, looking for a place to stay warm, came across an abandoned ’90s videogame console. A short circuit, generated by a beer spill inside the console, caused by none-other-than Too-Bug himself, generated the first virtual “trip”. That’s how this non-comformist cockroach discovered the unexplored universe of videogames. Too-Bug was captivated by this world composed of infinite and diverse possibilities—games of Beat ’em up, of zombies, platformers, wits, etc.

In each episode, Too-Bug and his kids will be electrically “zapped” and then travel to a new gamer world. In doing so, they will always have the same objective: to steal virtual ingredients for the artisan brewery they run within the console itself: the VideoGame Club.  It is a bar frequented by various insects and germs, which gained great popularity—thanks to the private effects of their beers. In other words, their inebriated states lead them to experience skills and sensations indescribable for a short period of time. The consequences are numerous and sensational.

Buba and Boogie, not only Too-Bug’s kids, but also a hip-hop duo, bring all their passion to dance.  In fact, they take advantage of the experiences lived in the virtual universe as inspiration to compose songs.

However, as this family moves through the different world’s gamers, they leave behind a trail of disasters in their wake, either by the objects the gamers steal, or by the relationships they establish. Consequently, a growing number of virtual characters will want to seek revenge or take back what was taken from them.

They all end up being led by an old enemy of Too-Bug: Longo, a game mushroom platformer who was partially “chewed up” by Too-Bug in the past.

By the end of the first season (and thanks to Too-Bug’s recklessness), a portal will open between both worlds. This will allow the free circulation of “real” and virtual characters and leave the possibility of multiple consequences for the second season.