Raised by young, music-loving parents who once had dreams of stardom themselves, Valentina and her siblings, Camilo, Carolina and Nicolas, are determined to make their rock band—X6—into the best and most popular music group of their generation.

This is format that has run 31 episodes in + than 20 Countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Cuba among others.


The story narrates the life of the Robles Family, led by Connie and her husband, Ernesto. They’re a couple of young parents that are doing their best to raise their four kids. They have different ideas about how their children’s futures should look. But they agree on building an environment full of harmony and comprehension. Previous experiences and their passion for music get their kids to start up a band called “X6.”

Music is the common thread throughout X6. Through pop and rock music, each episode showcases the family’s life and the journey as a band. X6 shows Valentina’s imaginative world, the family’s adventures, and the siblings’ dreams of success. Their tenacity will prove to their parents that dedication and effort make dreams come true.


Episode 1