Set in present time, a Mayan warrior fights crime and supernatural villains in the Mayan Riviera.

It is an epic pulp tale.

“…The feeling of fear and excitement Indiana Jones sweats in his adventures, the dark and unrelenting violence Conan inflicts to his opponents, the freedom and power that echoes in the jungle when Tarzan emits his scream…”

Emotional, cinematic and rooted in character, YANUMUK is a love letter to the golden age of Pulp Heroes such as Zorro, Tarzan and The Phantom, yet will also appeal to viewers of streaming successes such as DC’s Titans, Warrior, and The Witcher. 

YANUMUK is the new jungle hero empowered by the exotic, dark and savage Mayan culture.


While New York professor JOHN MULLER is in a Mayan jungle expedition, his fiancé RACHEL REED pays him a visit, but mysterious natives kidnap her, leaving John wounded.

BALAM, an old Mayan shaman, finds John and heals him. Balam knows of a death cult that is sacrificing women and children to in pursuit of immortal powers. Balam offers to help John become a Mayan warrior to save his people and avenge his fiancé’s death.

But to become a Mayan warrior, John has to jump into a deadly, dark abyss that leads into a sacred cenote (underground river). If he survives the fall, he’s the Chosen One – a few natives tried it before, but nobody came out alive. 

The “holy” waters baptize John with the blessings of the God KUKULCAN his mind, soul and body are synchronized, getting John ready to absorb the “power of nature” through Balam’s Mayan training, transforming the New Yorker into the ultimate Mayan warrior.Yanumuk’s only weapons are his hands and his mind, like BRUCE LEE.

He occasionally uses whatever is around as a weapon, such as: tree branches, stalactites, rocks, or even skeletons. To face the God of Death cult, John hides his identity wearing a black Mayan outfit, and Balam names him, YANUMUK.

He begins his search to catch his fiancé’s murderer, fighting criminals and Mayan monsters to get the clues that lead him to the sinister killer, CANCHE, an international criminal with the cover of philanthropist, using evil Mayan magic to build his empire…and possess Rachel. 

Yes, she’s still alive and she will change to the point that she becomes Yanumuk’s deadliest enemy.