Year Zero

Twenty-two participants are the last survivors on the planet and will now have to adapt to the new living conditions after the catastrophe in this extreme reality show.



There’s no one left but us!

Many theories claim the world is coming to an end anytime now. That is the cornerstone behind Year Zero. The premise is this: Global warming has drastically altered the temperature on Earth and a great cataclysm has destroyed the world.

Twenty-two intrepid people must seek refuge in the desert to find a safe place to hide. Once this happens, they will start a long journey back to civilization looking for a new place to inhabit and re-establish society. This is exactly the leitmotiv of Year Zero: to build a better society.

In this experimental show, each of the 22 survivors—11 men and 11 women—possesses a very special quality or skill worth being preserved for the future civilization.

They need to do everything within their means to be recognized as the best man or woman of all humankind. Each will be chosen by their ability to survive and adapt to new life conditions.